Advisory services for entities

The General Directorate of Civic and Community Action returns to be made available to non-profit organizations the advisory services , so that the entities have an agile channel to raise and resolve their doubts legal, economic and fiscal.

These individualized care services they allow the entities to resolve specific issues in the context of a health emergency and specific aspects related to the day-to-day life of the entities. Requests for advice may be made apply from Monday 4 May using an available form in the advisory services section of and will be resolved electronically within 72 hours.

Economic and legal advice

The financial advice service offers support in the field of economic management, audits, taxation and accounting . With regard to the legal advice service, it responds to inquiries about legal situations, statutes, tax and fiscal law, legal and employment advice, insurance and data protection .

In addition, the entities have at their disposal a resource space with practical information on relevant and current issues.

Escort services

Escort services remain active and have as a purpose to guide the entities in the improvement of their management and that their actions have more social impact.

With this service, organizations can receive support in the management of volunteering, the improvement of internal participation, communication of the organization, fundraising and strategic planning, among others. Requests for advice they are requested through the web section of the services.

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They support non-profit organizations in order to promote their recognition, facilitate the training of the people who collaborate and promote their projects and programs. Can you find resources and services which they offer to organizations and volunteers in Catalonia.