The entities

Do you want to know the organizations in Sant Cugat that have volunteer projects?
Here we tell you. Discover them!

Refugees Welcome wants to promote change and a new model of Welcome. Horizontal hospitality is the best way to facilitate the inclusion of refugees in
The collective “El Mussol Florestà” was born from a neighborhood initiative against the indiscriminate urban attack, which does not take into account the differentiating characteristics
Association created with the purpose of defending, improving and spreading the environmental and cultural values ​​of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park through voluntary actions.
Fons Social Sant Cugat – Valldoreix is ​​a non-profit foundation that, since 1981, has been working so that people who are unemployed or in precarious
WISE PEOPLE is a non-profit association that wants to boost the professional activity of people over 45 who are looking for work. Its mission is
The Sant Salvador residence and day center is a space full of life , where elderly people feel proud to have their home. They offer
LaFACT Gent Gran is an organization with more than 65 years of experience in supporting people with or without dependency, made up of around 125
En Bici Sense Edat is a Catalan non-profit association that works to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of the elderly and people
If you are one of those people who when they see a dog look around to see if there is a human to take care
What is Gilgal SOLIDARI? Gilgal is passion, empathy, and sensitivity, put into action with the purpose of providing solutions, generate resources and promote camaraderie and
The Fundació Ajuda i Esperança is a non-profit organization of a canonical character in order to fulfill the objective of promoting, encouraging and supporting people
Infinits Somriures is a non-profit association that carries out leisure activities for people with functional diversity. There is no specific profile to participate in the