The Volunteer Office

The Volunteer Office is aimed at all people in Sant Cugat, over the age of 16, who want to dedicate part of their time to volunteering. Could it be you?

Come and find out about the organizations’ volunteer projects. There are many and varied, for all preferences. Choose your scope!

And if you are part of an entity , tell us about your volunteer project and we will help you find people who want to get involved.
We offer organizations a space to act as a speaker for your projects, as well as personalized advice on volunteer management.

Volunteering is the set of actions carried out by people who dedicate part of their free time to performing a service to others or to the community, in a solidarity way, of their own free will and without expecting anything in return.


The reasons for volunteering can be very diverse. It is this plurality, differentiation and
heterogeneity of volunteering the most significant fact that makes up the current reality of voluntary action.

The areas of action of volunteering are diverse, but can be grouped into five major blocks, which are as follows:

a) Social: focuses its activity on caring for people, especially the most vulnerable groups, at risk or in need, while promoting social justice in order to achieve respect for the dignity of people and their well-being and contribute to the improvement of their quality of life, whether from physical, health, mental or socio-affective aspects.

b) Community : focuses its activity on the community as a driving force for action to promote coexistence, cohesion and social participation in order to promote joint participation as a space for integration into citizen life. It includes leisure, educational, neighborhood, socio-cultural and sports activities.

c) Cultural: focuses its activity on culture as a reference for action in order to contribute in a broad sense to cultural revitalization in the fields of popular and traditional culture, the dissemination and defense of cultural heritage, the promotion of cultural or artistic production and associative cultural dynamization.

d) Environmental: is the area that focuses its activity on the environment as a physical space in which we move and develop in order to promote the environment and biodiversity and good practices in order to make possible a more sustainable through environmental education and awareness actions and the protection and improvement of the environment and natural heritage.

e) International: focuses its activity on the reality of other countries or on the non-governmental representation of Catalonia abroad in order to respond to the global reality through actions of education for development, peace and human rights, projects of integral development, democratic governance and associative activism, as well as interventions on conflict resolution, promotion of non-violence, promotion of knowledge of human rights and their defense or of humanitarian and emergency action.

Follow these steps:

  1. Reflect on the motivations that move you and establish the dedication you can offer based on your personal situation.
  2. Choose the area that interests you most, find out about its needs and look for the entity that best suits you. The Volunteer Office can help you. We will advise you so that you can choose the most suitable option.

You decide what your involvement will be: volunteering for a particular organization or belonging to the sporadic volunteer scholarship.
We look forward to seeing you!

Transparency is part of the goals of the Volunteer Office and we are committed to accountability.