The entities

Do you want to know the organizations in Sant Cugat that have volunteer projects?
Here we tell you. Discover them!

Sant Cugat with the Sahrawi People (SCAPS) develops humanitarian assistance projects and cooperation programs with the Sahrawi people, currently in exile in the Tindouf Refugee
CAVIS is a non-profit organization that offers various services to the elderly: home visits, medical and hospital accompaniments, walks, readings, etc.   In addition, a
Caritas is an entity within the Christian community, which works with people in poverty to be the protagonists of their own integral development. Caritas carries
The Catalan Parkinson’s Association is a non-profit organization created in 1985, with branches throughout Catalonia. Specifically, the Sant Cugat Delegation was created 12 years ago,
The Rostros, Colores y Sueños Association works to improve the living conditions of children, women and the general population of the rural community of Colama
The Ateneu Santcugatenc is one entity that works with organizations and citizens to improve the quality of life and social cohesion promoting citizenship, participation, the
In 2003 in Cornellà de Llobregat began a program that intended to promote the social use of Catalan, is currently being carried out in all
The Jeroni de Moragas Workshop is a social initiative cooperative set up in 1973, dedicated to caring for people at risk of social exclusion and
On May 21, 2012, a pioneering entity in Catalonia in its field was born in Sant Cugat thanks to two families, to treat children with
The municipalities and county councils represent the basic entities of civil protection in Catalonia. But the public can also collaborate voluntarily and altruistically in this
It is a project of solidarity and cultural cooperation arising from the action of Joventuts Musicals de Sant Cugat and Music Crossroads Southern Africa that
Noestasola is a group of women from Sant Cugat formed as an association since 2009. Her line of work focuses on actively listening to women