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CALL TITLE: Do you want to be a hospital volunteer ??

Does Parc Taulí have volunteers? … And why ?: The CPT has a volunteer program with the aim of providing added value within the care services offered by the CPT. To attend to aspects that ensure the care of that patient in all its dimensions: emotional support, company, conversation, entertainment …

Date of performance : continued collaboration

Scope of action : hospital and social health

Description of the activity : Accompaniment to people admitted to the centers of the Parc Taulí Corporation (Sabadell Hospital, Albada Center, Mental Health Center and Sabadell Elderly People). Volunteering is a complement to the family and healthcare staff, carrying out activities that cannot be carried out by any professional: company, conversation, reading, support for procedures (administrative procedures). The main function of hospital volunteering is the to accompany and listen.

Volunteer profile: people of legal age motivated to volunteer in the health field and interested in accompanying patients (of all ages) and who may have one day a week in the morning or afternoon.

Contact: . Tel: 93 723 10 10

Attach a motivation sheet to return completed by email or in person to the Tauli Park Customer Service.



TAuli Park is looking for volunteers