Every year December 5th becomes a special day for all of us, we celebrate International Volunteer Day.


It is a day to recognize and appreciate the work that millions of volunteers do every day in an altruistic way and without expecting anything in return.


This year, in Sant Cugat, we also wanted to join in this gratitude and on Tuesday, December 9, at the Cafè Auditori, we held the celebration accompanied by many organizations and people who volunteer.


During the event, several organizations presented their volunteer projects and subsequently a recognition was given to all the volunteers with the screening of a video. The event concluded with a joint toast.


Therefore, from the Volunteer Office we want to thank all the people and entities that make possible all the volunteer projects that are carried out throughout the year.

With the grain of sand of all or all we will be able to build a better world.

Thank you so much for making this possible!