The Bastoners de Sant cugat are looking for volunteers

The day June 10 a Sant Cugat will be held on 42nd National Meeting of Cane Makers of Catalonia!

During that afternoon, Sant Cugat will host cane groups from all over the territory that will fill our streets with cane dances of all styles! Towards evening, the day will end with a popular dinner (in which everyone has room as long as they book in advance) and an open-air concert.

From Bastoners, he is already organizing the day with a lot of energy! But as we expect the arrival of a large number of dancers and companions (about 2,500 people in total), they need the help of many volunteers to ensure a smooth running that day.

Above all, we need volunteers who can be responsible for the more than 80 groups, attend the water points during the tour and help distribute the dinner.

Do you want to lend a hand?

You can sign up at:

You will see that it can be helped either

1) during the preliminary preparation of the Meeting,
2) only during the day
3) or both.

So that you can get an idea, some of the volunteer tasks will be:

– Companions of the groups (from when they arrive in Sant Cugat, during the parade and until dinner time)
– Traffic: placement of cars in the car parks, coaches, information at roundabouts to get to the center
– Information points at the beginning of the routes and / or schools / places to change
– Water distribution points at the beginning and during the parades
– Dinner distribution, bar, merchandising…
– Checkpoints along the route
– Photographers
In case you are very clear on what task you want to help, in the link to register as a volunteer you can add it as a comment!

And above all, for any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Canes via email