Volunteer news

Do you want to volunteer at the 2020 IFCPF Nations Championship & Female World Cup ? Sant Cugat will be the world football center for
Oncolliga needs volunteers for the campaign “Let’s put peppers in cancer 2020.” A solidarity campaign organized by the Foundation Oncolliga, the FECEC and Condis, to
CerclesCat Support and Responsibility Circles What is CerclesCat? It is a social integration program promoted by the General Directorate of Penitentiary Services of the Department
EOn March 20, once again, the group of boys and girls from Malawi will arrive in Sant Cugat for the project that the NGO Petits
Want to volunteer @ during the most magical night of the year? The Veteran Friends of the Penya Regalèssia call on the public to find
Every year December 5th becomes a special day for all of us, we celebrate International Volunteer Day. It is a day to recognize and appreciate