Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, also beats in Sant Cugat

EOn March 20, once again, the group of boys and girls from Malawi will arrive in Sant Cugat for the project that the NGO Petits Músics del Món is developing in that country. An opportunity to carry out two weeks of intensive training and cultural and family exchange in our city.
This year, in addition to the workshops that are held every year in primary and secondary schools in the city, included in the educational revitalization plan led by the City of Sant Cugat, the group will be divided into two teams: one half will focus on expand their training as dancers and will be introduced to the pedagogy of dance, led by the team led by the leaders of the Ballroom Dance School of Sant Cugat, while the other half they will continue to do so, as in previous years a work more focused on musical training, in the hands of the team led by the Aula de So School of Music. Lots of activities, which are complemented by the collaborations that many entities in the city offer selflessly throughout these days to the visiting group.
This one new training, oriented towards dance, has been built since the first contacts and collaborations started in 2015 with the Salo Dance School. Finally, last January, Ainoa and Dani, teachers at the Dance School, traveled to the Malawian capital, Lilongwe, to share workshops and training sessions at schools in the African capital. An experience that with the support of the NGO Petits Musics del Mon i Musicrossroads Malawi , has allowed them to live up close the daily reality of life in Lilongwe and the enormous difficulties of the education system in the country.
The goal we start aims to lay the foundations for teachers, dancers and young people in Malawi interested in dance, to have an opportunity to develop this interest, while at the same time being able to recover their cultural heritage and this work serves to initiate a transformation that , from the education system, help social and economic development.
If you want learn more about this project or you want to collaborate, you can contact both small musicians of the world ( ), or, if you are a dancer with the Ballroom Dance School ( escoladeballsantcugat @ gmail. how )