Clica sobre l’àmbit que t’interessi per conèixer els projectes de voluntariat en els quals pots col·laborar.

Do you want to participate in a language pair?

Language Volunteering is a project in which people who want to practice Catalan to gain security and fluency (learners), improve their language through real and relaxed conversations with volunteers.

The meetings, which are completely flexible (according to the schedules of the participants) are 1 h per week , and in total they are 10 meetings . During these meetings, language pairs can do whatever they want: have a coffee, go for a walk, take advantage and shop … The maximum is chat and chat in Catalan.

In Sant Cugat there are currently about fifty language pairs in operation. The program is always open and now, during the months of March and April, a new pair formation is planned among all the new participants.

Signing up for Language Volunteering is very easy!

  1. Go to the Catalan Local Service (Casa de Cultura, 2nd floor)
  2. Send a Whatsapp to 637388189
  3. Register directly on the web