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Language volunteering

Voluntariat per la llengua (VxL) is a program to practice Catalan through conversation.
It is based on the creation of language pairs formed by a volunteer, who speaks Catalan
fluently, and an apprentice, who has a basic knowledge of it and wants to acquire fluency.
Language pairs meet 1 hour a week, for 10 weeks, and place and
the meeting time is to be agreed between the two people. The only requirement is
be of legal age.

The VxL offers two modalities: face-to-face (couples must attend the meeting place that
have agreed) and virtual (couples make encounters via the Internet, through
video conferencing platforms).

The program was born in 2003 and more than 135,000 couples have already passed through. It is a
program recognized by the European Union and adopted in Aran, Perpignan, Andorra, the country
Valencian, the Balearic Islands and, also, in Bolzano (Italy), Flanders (Belgium).

You can register as a volunteer or as an apprentice at the Sant Català Local Service
Cugat (House of Culture, 2nd floor) or here:

Program website: (can be linked to the first line program name)