Ateneu Santcugatenc

The Ateneu Santcugatenc is one entity that works with organizations and citizens to improve the quality of life and social cohesion promoting citizenship, participation, the growth of the associative fabric and democratic values.


To achieve these goals the Ateneu offers a wide range of social, cultural, artistic, gastronomic and access to new technologies , to fill leisure time.

The EcoAteneu coordinates and promotes all projects in the framework of sustainability and the fight against climate change, proposing actions, activities and new criteria for sustainable development to achieve a fairer, more balanced and dignified model. How can they be the Farmers’ Market, the Second Hand Market or l ‘hort .


In the other hand actions with a strong social commitment can also be found there, from the reception of new citizens, to the promotion of the use of Catalan, job search, training with an official degree or international cooperation and the revitalization of leisure space by carrying out activities for people with a disorder. severe mental.


At this time it wants to give a new impetus to volunteering by offering different activities, taking advantage of the expansion of the Volunteer Office. Some of the proposals they offer and in which you can collaborate are:


– literary volunteering: maintenance of the library

– the Assisted Study Workshop for children and young people