Jeroni de Moragas workshop

The Jeroni de Moragas Workshop is a social initiative cooperative set up in 1973, dedicated to caring for people at risk of social exclusion and especially adults with disabilities. The main objective of the Workshop is for the person to achieve the highest degree of quality in all areas of their life, facilitating the construction of a realistic life project.


The Workshop offers different services, made up of a team of professionals from different disciplines who work together:


– During working hours, the Occupational Center and the Special Work Center , both with personal and social support, in order to improve the quality of life of the people who work there.


– Housing services, such as Home Residence (5 flats in Sant Cugat) or the Home support service , which provides intermittent care aimed at people who live independently in their home and who need support in specific tasks.


Leisure and sport : they aim to satisfy the needs related to the management of the free time, that in all person reverts positively in the relation with the others, with the surroundings and especially in himself.