The III Week of Environmental Volunteering

We present the III Environmental Volunteer Week # svac2015, which this year will take place from May 30 to June 7, around International Environment Day, June 5.

The aim is to publicize the work of environmental organizations, their projects, as well as the team of volunteers who collaborate.

Environmental Volunteer Week has been held since 2013 and each year has been very well received by citizens and organizations. This year there are already more than 50 environmental volunteer activities throughout Catalonia, mobilizing more than a thousand volunteers and reaching more than 8,000 beneficiaries.

Among other proposals, the photo campaign “ Give a hand for the environment ”Wants to make visible in a symbolic way, through photographs of our hands, everything that is carried out and implies a way of doing things that is sustainable and socio-environmentally responsible.
In addition, on the occasion of this event, the Environmental Volunteering Network of Catalonia (XVAC) is preparing an update of the database of environmental volunteering organizations and projects to have an updated picture of the sector. So if you are part of an environmental entity you can share your experience with them.
You will find more information about the Week, here