Faces, Colors and Dreams

The Rostros, Colores y Sueños Association works to improve the living conditions of children, women and the general population of the rural community of Colama (Nicaragua).

In addition to working to improve the situation of the people of Colama, they wanted to offer Catalan boys and girls a leading role in this solidarity goal.


During the summer of 2010 and 2011, young people from Sant Cugat and Sant Cugat took part as volunteers in different projects such as carrying out educational activities with children or with a group of women artisans, in the creation of the Futbol Club Colama (aimed at young people and children), in library activities and a long and so on.


This experience allows young people to get closer and get to know first hand the reality of children, men, women and young farmers in Nicaragua. A reality that is full of struggles, sacrifices, hopes and that by sharing it with boys and girls becomes a love story that transforms their reality and also ours.


If you want to collaborate or know in detail their projects you can contact them through their web or del e-mail .